Musical Rainbow Desk Bells

Musical Rainbow Desk Bells

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These bells are made of high quality METAL and have a beechwood stand for each specific bell. Combination of this type of wood and metal has been well know to produce calming and soothing music from anicient days. 


These colour coded bells have been marked numbers on them from 1 - 8 which match the colour coded songs list that are EMAILED to you post your purchase. If you need a printed copy, you can select the option here and we shall send you a hard printed copy of the songs. 


These colour codes are designed  perfectly for a music beginner or children to recognise sounds and tones. It also comes with a digital colourful songs list with 12 songs to help toddlers, kids, children or music beginners to get started.


  • Set of 8 colour-coded and numbered desk bells in the key of C Major
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination, number skills, music skills, creativity
  • Put them up on a table and hit them with tong to hear them sing!
  • Songs in song sheet show bell numbers and colours listed above lyrics - Easy to play along
  • Includes 8 bells, song sheet and 1 tong to play the bells. 
  • Song sheet includes Mary Had a Little Lamb, Old Macdonald, Jingle Bells, Twinkle Little Star, Row Your Boat, Joy to the World, London Bridge, Lullaby