About Us

Sensory Play was founded by The Inclusive Movement, a social change initiative dedicated to removing barriers and improving social inclusion for people with disability in local communities. 

Located in the Sunny North West of WA, Sensory Play aims to bring high quality sensory and learning resources to our Local, Pilbara Communities front doors and Australia Wide. 

We aim to provide a range of disability equipment, play equipment and learning resources that target a range of different sensory systems & developmental skills that encourage opportunities for a natural and playful approach towards self regulation and skill building.

We believe in ensuring all individuals have the tools that they need in order to live their most fulfilling life. Our products aim to provide support and opportunity for building independence, social skills, communication skills, learning and ultimately community inclusion. 

Our History - 
The Inclusive Movement, is a profit-for-purpose social Enterprise. We provide a range of individual and community capacity building services that empowers people with disability with the tools they need to live a happy, healthy, full life. We are passionate about education and inclusion and aim to create more opportunties in our Local community for people with disability to thrive. 

If you would like to add your products to our website or learn more about the work we do, please email us at info@inclusivemovement.com.au

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