PeaPod Sensory Cushion - Medium
PeaPod Sensory Cushion - Medium
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PeaPod Sensory Cushion - Medium

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PeaPod a Giant, Inflatable, Sensory Cushion. The Pressure Therapy Solution to keep your child calm

Help your hyperactive child be calm... Or why not use it to hide in when your child won't slow down.  

FINALLY, the veggie your child will love! And so will the teachers and parents. The PeaPod is the ultimate sensory cushion, ideal to be used for...

  • Helping children stay calm and relaxed
  • Stopping meltdowns before they happen
  • Speedup bedtime routines and sleep time
  • For children with ADHD, Autism. SPD, 
  • Creating a happy timeout place where a child can relax and feel safe 

Getting inside the PeaPod feels like you are receiving a giant all over hug that stimulates the nervous system to create a calming soothing effect, Just like when you are having a bad day and all you need is a cuddle or a neck rub. 

Using your Pea Pod

Home - create a sensory room or corner
Bedtime - include 20 mins of quiet time in the Pod prior to bed to get your child to relax and feel sleepy
Pre-school / Daycare - perfect for a book corner or quiet corner
School - create a calming book corner that kids can use for self-regulation

Rock gently side to side for the extra sensory input to completely calm them.

Parents, you won't go back once you experience the impact a PeaPod has on your child’s behaviour.

What to expect from your PeaPod 

SAFETY: Children will be able to climb into the PeaPod themselves if over 4 years old and are fully mobile. Once inside they can either sit or immerse themselves, depending on preference. 

DURABILITY: The Inflatable PeaPod Medium has a new and improved design for strength and durability. Reinforced seams mean fewer tears and splits. 

CLEANING: The PeaPod has a velvety soft surface, made from flocked vinyl, which you can easily wash with soapy warm water and a sponge. 


  • Medium – approximately 152cm - children aged 5 – 9 years old
  • Large – approximately 203cm – ideal for children aged 10 years up to adult

The best way to determine your child’s requirements is by measuring their height, and ensuring that your child can lay down in the PeaPod. It is ok to choose a larger size to allow for growth and to get the maximum use from the product.

The child will still receive the full benefits of the product if it is slightly longer in length than them.

All therapeutic products purchased from Special Needs Australia should be used under adult supervision.