Jenjo Tug of War

Jenjo Tug of War

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Tug of War is an entertaining game that is fun and a great outdoor activity. It is also a sport that directly puts two teams up against each other in the ultimate test of strength. Similarly, Tug of War is an amazing game to play at carnivals, festivals, birthdays, social or community gatherings. This game brings everyone together and also creates an environment of excitement with a lot of involvement by the cheering crowd as well.

However, the aim of  the Tug of War game is to pull the rope on one side against the force of the opponent’s pull. The rope is marked in the centre and the team that pulls the rope up until the marked part reaching their defined region wins! But there can be multiple rounds with different outcomes making Tug of War a true nail-biter.

Kids and adults can have fun playing this game, not as a competition but for fun. Playing Tug of War with family and friends can also create some amazing memories for a life time. Tug of War is not only a fun game, but is also great for fitness as well. The Tug of War sisal rope that we provide for Tug of War is of high quality and you can easily carry this game anywhere with you. Many people enjoy playing Tug of War while they are on a camping trips as well.

Tug of War Includes:

  • Rope Length = 20 metres
  • Sisal Rope
  • Rope Thickness = 3 cm Diameter
  • Comes in a cardboard box

Recommended Ages: 3+ Years.

Safety Tested: Successfully tested for Australian & NZ safety standards