Jenjo Hopscotch

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Hopscotch is a great game for kids to encourage them to go outdoors. This game can be played anywhere in your backyard, lawn or at parks near you. The Hopscotch mat is easy to carry and kids can have fun playing this game on a family picnic day or while camping. Apart from this, Hopscotch is used as a learning tool in many schools and educational facilities. It is a great way to teach the young ones about the colours, numbers and also helps in developing social skills and physical strength.

Hopscotch Includes:

  • Giant Hopscotch Mat – 1×3 meters (Various Colours)

Ages 4+ Years

How To Play:

Hopscotch is a game where there is no limit to the number of players participating. It completely depends on how many players are available to play. To begin with, lay down the Hopscotch mat. Kids shall throw a flat stone, beanbag or any similar object which serves the same purpose. The object has to land inside the square without touching the borders or bouncing out. The tossing of the object has to be done in an underarm action by maintaining distance away from the Hopscotch mat.

Players then have to hop over the squares by skipping the square on which the object has been tossed. Also, they need to pick up the object on their way back to the starting point. Players also need to ensure that their foot doesn’t touch the border or goes out of the Hopscotch mat. In case if this happens then players shall lose their turn right away.