Jenjo Bead Octagon

Jenjo Bead Octagon

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Bead Octagon is an amazing toy for children and toddlers. Also it is a great educational toy and can be a perfect gift for the young ones. As it will keep the little one at home happily entertained for hours. Since it is a 10 in 1 intelligence toy that has 10 different activities and puzzles. It is not only designed for progressing toddlers basic motor skills but also to enhance their thinking. You can also say that this Bead Octagon toy has everything you need to entertain a 2-year-old and all the way to a 5-year-old.

Since, there are 10 different games for the little ones. Each of them can also help your child to develop skills and learn new things every time. However, it is a great toy for toddlers and can prove to be an amazing gift for them. You will be surprised to see how they develop their imagination and skills while playing with Bead Octagon. Also, it is durable and can be easily stored. This Bead Octagon is not only a great toy but also an amazing way to make learning fun for kids.

Bead Octagon Includes:

  • Wooden Octagon 8 sides
  • 10 different Puzzles and Activities including top and bottom
  • With a Height of 20 cm when closed top.
  • With a Height of 38 cm when Top Open
  • Weight 2 kg
  • Two dice and 16 tokens for Bottom Game
  • 4 Animal Shape Blocks and Three Shape Blocks

Ages 2+ Years