Busy Bus Screwdriver Set

Busy Bus Screwdriver Set

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The Montessori educational toys can train kids to use a screwdriver, hexagon head, know different kinds of screws and improve their recognition ability and life skill. By using tools to remove and install 8 screws, kid's hand coordination ability can be improved.

Montessori screw board will help teach children over 3 years old the practical life skill of using a screwdriver. The Montessori materials board will also teach Hand-eye coordination while working on fine motor skills.

Our screw board made of beech wood, healthy and environmentally friendly materials, not easily broken, can protect your children from the dangers of plastic products, an excellent alternative to plastic toys. The edges of the wood are polished to prevent kid's hands from hurting.

The toy set consists of a wooden car measuring 19 cm x 10 cm x 3.5 cm with 6 screws which thread into permanently fixed, threaded receptacles. The board also has an inset for holding the tools and the screws once they've been removed.

Screw Board Dimensions: 20*10.2*4cm

The Montessori materials screw board is a great gift for toddlers and older children to provide a sensory experience for a wide range of developmental levels.

For Toddlers 3+ Year Olds (Caution: This set includes very small parts, so please use discretion and careful supervision when offering it to small children.)