All abilities toys for positive therapy experiences at home

Sensory Play provides high-quality special needs toys, sensory processing and therapy products to give you the confidence to continue your child’s therapy at home. Designed to create opportunities for a natural and playful approach to skill development and learning, we’re all about creating positive moments, connection and self-regulation through play. 

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Playful education, sensory and skill development resources for children of all abilities

At Sensory Play, we believe play is key to learning. Whether your goal is education, sensory, or self-regulation skills, we have fun and engaging tools and resources to help your little one reach their full potential. 

Our products are carefully selected to support a range of exceptionalities, developmental stages and abilities, including autism, sensory processing disorder, anxiety and trauma-based behaviour.

We can help you identify the most suitable resources for your learning goals so you’ll be confident to continue therapy at home. With the right support and resources, your little one can work on their skill development and goals at home in a more enjoyable, joyful and rewarding way. 

And we’ll celebrate every learning achievement with you, no matter how big or small. 

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Pilbara-based developmental educator and play therapist supporting kids across Australia

Hi, I’m Carol Hegan

I’m an Inclusion Advocate and Disability Educator and founder of The Inclusive Movement

I’m also a proud mum to two children with disability, and I live in Karratha. 

The Sensory Play Shop exists because I want to help parents and carers of children with sensory processing disorders, autism and other exceptionalities to understand what’s happening with their children and feel confident about completing therapy at home - in a natural, playful and empowering way. 

When my kids were little, we spent hours accessing therapy services and other disability professionals every week. 

But, what I learned was the progress didn't happen in the one-hour therapy session, with someone my children barely knew - the real change was happening in our safe space at home, with us, during everyday moments, through the magic of play. 

My interest in this area took me on a journey of further study to complete a Bachelor of Disability & Developmental Education and clinical play therapy training.

I’m so glad I did because I discovered the power of PLAY as a learning tool. Once I matched the playful activities that supported my kids’ sensory preferences, life at home changed instantly.  They were more willing to engage in fun learning activities while maintaining a regulated state. 

Our daily life improved immensely, and play provided profound moments of joy amongst the challenges. 

And I want you to feel confident continuing therapy at home as well. Because achieving each learning milestone is a treasure to cherish.

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